Delivering Quality Customer Service and Value Since 1954

Landmark Feeds is a leader in Western Canada’s livestock and poultry industry and has been providing producers with superior quality products and innovative animal nutrition solutions since 1954. From its humble beginnings in Landmark, Manitoba, Landmark Feeds now operates 5 state-of-the art manufacturing facilities serving Western Canada and the north western USA.

At Landmark Feeds, delivering exceptional customer service and value is our number one goal. Early on, that philosophy helped Landmark Feeds become a leader in the poultry and dairy markets while still serving the unique needs of local hog producers. Landmark Feeds expanded into Alberta in 1995, adding a unique beef cattle feedlot program to its list of successful programs, which have rapidly grown and are now setting the standard in the industry. In 1999 Landmark Feeds built the Landmark Nutrition plant, a state-of-the-art, medication free, micro premix plant in Landmark, Manitoba. The Landmark Nutrition plant gave our business the opportunity to continue to be a leader in feed management, nutrition and research, and to push this advantage beyond the Canadian borders.

Landmark Feeds joined the Maple Leaf Foods Group in 1999 and became an integral part of its Vertical Coordination strategy. This relationship joined Landmark Feeds with Shur-Gain, Eastern Canada’s largest livestock feed producer, creating MLAN (Maple Leaf Animal Nutrition) and combined Shur-Gain’s animal nutrition excellence with Landmark Feeds’ to serve producers across Canada. In 2007, Nutreco, which stands for Nutrition, Ecology and Economy, and who is a global leader in animal nutrition and aquaculture nutrition purchased MLAN, the livestock feed sector of Maple Leaf Foods Group, forming Nutreco Canada.

Landmark Feeds research is directly linked to the needs of producers and their industry. The ideas and technology created directly reflects the real needs of producers. Our research team is comprised of highly specialized researchers and technical experts that retain the most profitable technology and transfer it into products and programs that are more efficient and yield better performance. Thanks to its recognized Canadian research facilities located across the country, Landmark Feeds ensures that you benefit from each discovery so that you maximize performance on your farm.

Landmark Feeds is also committed to bringing you highly skilled field sales and service teams. The Nutrition Advisor program involves extensive training and coaching on important topics such as; nutrition and physiology, growth modeling, barn observation skills, and data recording and analysis. The investment in our sales and service teams ensures that we meet your needs and provide sound fact based solutions for your operation.

By delivering quality and value to livestock and poultry producers in Western Canada, Landmark Feeds continues to be the leader in the industry and increase its overall market share. The Landmark Feeds team welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate how the Landmark advantage can benefit your business!

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