At A Glance

Our 'At a Glance' magazines for Dairy, Swine and Poultry producers and members of the agricultural sector provide coverage of current industry news along with updates on new products, programs, and services offered by Landmark Feeds. Readers will also find direct access to the basic and applied research conducted by Nutreco Canada through recent testimonials and performance results, as well as valuable information on current promotional activities in our industry.

DAIRY - Current Edition

Spring 2016: Optimize your Profitability          

  • Cow comfort economics
  • Using Income Over Feed Cost to Evaluate Nutrition’s Contribution to Profitability
  • Understanding Replacement or Turnover Costs
  • Testimonials  


SWINE - Current Edition

Winter 2013:  

  • Pre-weaning mortality: A management challenge
  • Watson 2.0 will be watching your weight in the New Year

POULTRY - Current Edition

Summer 2010: Success in Research and Development 

  • Minimum Ventilation for Optimal Performance
  • Pullet Lighting
  • Feeding Corn DDGS to Poultry
  • Nutreco - Strength in Global Research and Development
  • Tibial Dyschonodroplasia: In Turkeys
  • Water Quality for Poultry


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    Summer 2015 Dairy - AAG Landmark Feeds

    Nutritional Programming: Is it the next big thing in dairy nutrition?; Shaping her future – Rearing the high producing cow; Featuring Calf Barn Designs of New York State Dairy Farms; Iberville Colony; Brant Colony; Rosh Holsteins Ltd.; Lifewind Holsteins

    Winter 2011 Swine - AAG Landmark Feeds

    Our new sow feeding program MISSION. Our improved nursery feed program IMPACT 4e. Phosphorus management

    Summer 2013 Dairy - AAG Landmark Feeds

    Innovations that Improve your Bottom Line. The strength of know-how, The power of R&D commitment. A passion for innovation! Featured Farm Special. Cobequid Holsteins and OPTIVIA. Locust Hill Farm and NEWTON.

    Spring 2011 Dairy - AAG Landmark Feeds

    OPTIVIA’S Milk Replacers: for an Optimized Future Performance, Intensified Growth Program: a Profitable Choice! Calf Starter: the Other Important Feedstuff for Proper Calf Growth and Development!

    Fall 2008 Dairy - AAG Landmark Feeds

    Maximize Your Feed Value. Rising Feed Costs... How to Maximize Feed Value! Challenging Your Assumptions on What Cows Really Need. Are Your Rations Balanced to Your Nutrient Requirements? On-Farm Shrink: A Hidden Profit Opportunity. One Group Dry Cow Strategy.

    Fall 2010 Swine - AAG Landmark Feeds

    Pork producers confirmed this: WATSON® 2.0 is an efficient decision-making tool! WATSON® 2.0 a precision and dependability model! Feeding corn distillers dried grain with solubles to growing-finishing swine in relation to performance and carcass quality.

    Spring 2016 Dairy - AAG Landmark

    Cow Comfort Economics, Using Income Over Feed Cost to Evaluate Nutrition’s Contribution to Profitability, Understanding Replacement or Turnover Costs, Testimonials

    Fall 2009 Swine - AAG Landmark Feeds

    Best Practices in Sow. Nutritional Strategies and Technology during Tough Times. Are you Ready 4 the Sig 4 Renaissance? Risk Management. Passionate about Pigs.

    Spring 2010 Swine - AAG Landmark Feeds

    Pork producer: You have 2.0 good reasons to read this “launch” special edition.

    Spring 2010 Dairy - AAG Landmark Feeds

    Shur-Gain supports you to help turn your cows: Into Healthy, High Performance Athletes. Happy, Healthy Cows Are More Productive. Acidosis: How to avoid false starts. About forages: What are the best strategies? Taking a Close Look to Manure: A Clear Signal.