“Hiring good quality people is the key success to Landmark Feeds.” 
 ~ Jake Wolgemuth, first President of Landmark Feeds.

From its humble roots in Landmark, Manitoba over 60 years ago, Landmark Feeds has established itself as a successful and influential business in the Western Canada feed and livestock industry, providing leadership through win-win relationships, excellence and innovation.


Through the Ages

1954 - Friday, August 6, 1954 at 6:30pm, marked the official opening of Landmark Feed Mill, Swift Canadian Co. Ltd. Feed Division in Landmark, Manitoba. After a fire burnt down the local mill, Jake Wolgemuth built a new feed mill for $5,000. The mill averaged 50 tons a day, mostly comprised of custom grinding. 

1974 - Tuesday, October 22, 1974, showcased the grand opening of a newly renovated Riverbend Feed Mill Ltd., in Rosenort, Manitoba, under the Landmark Feeds flagship. The acquisition of this mill laid the ground work to establish a poultry feed business west of the Red River. 

1977 - First semi-trailer purchased for Riverbend Feed Mill. 

1980 - Wednesday, January 30, 1980. Landmark Feeds purchased the Federated Co-op plant in Otterburne, Manitoba and the Regal Feeds Mill was born. This purchase increased tonnage capacity as the Landmark Feeds Mill was at full capacity. The mill supplied textured dairy feed and customized rations for each herd based on the individual dairy farmer’s forages. Around this time a parallel swine production program was created. 

Mid-1980’s - Elite Swine was built to produce forms of standardization within the swine industry from genetics to feeding programs. 

1988 - Super-Tech Feeds Premix plant was opened in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This purchase took the company from its traditional complete feed roots into the premix market. The plant supplied smaller independent feed mills with premixes under the “Alliance Feed Group” name. The Winnipeg plant also supplied pelleted feeds. 

Early-1990’s - Genetic sales grow into the US market and received exposure with major integrators. Landmark Agricap was built to fuel the rapid expansion of the Elite Swine program. Although a short lived endeavour it was very profitable and raised the funds to finance a lot of barns. 

1994 - Super-Tech Feeds purchased the idle mill in Strathmore, Alberta. This mill established Landmark as a leading supplier to the beef industry providing a premix program for large scale feedlots. Later this mill would provide a similar program for the growing swine industry. 

1999 - Landmark Feeds Nutrition is a state-of-the art micro premix plant in Landmark, Manitoba. This venture sent a significant statement in the quality required throughout the system to produce the feed and the food that future consumers would demand. The Landmark Nutrition plant gave the opportunity for Landmark Feeds to continue to be a leader in management, nutrition and research, and to push the advantage beyond the Canadian borders. Landmark Nutrition is HACCP certified. 

1999 - Maple Leaf Foods Group acquired Landmark Feeds. This gave Landmark Feeds an opportunity to join into the food company atmosphere. 

2004 - 50th anniversary of Landmark Feeds being in the business of serving progressive livestock and poultry producers in Western Canada. 

2007 - Nutreco purchased the livestock feed sector of Maple Leaf Foods Group, forming Nutreco Canada. This purchase included the following facilities: 
  • Landmark Nutrition, MB 
  • Otterburne, MB 
  • Rosenort, MB 
  • Winnipeg, MB 
  • Lethbridge, AB 
  • Medicine Hat, AB 
  • Strathmore, AB