Landmark Feeds Animal Nutrition

Since 1954 Landmark Feeds has been providing producers with superior quality products, innovative animal nutrition solutions and delivering exceptional customer service.

We produce premixes, supplements, complete feeds, and feeding programs for all major livestock and poultry species through Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

Our feeds and feeding programs are the result of many years of research by our Agresearch team of scientists who continue to innovate and strive to keep us at the forefront of the field of animal nutrition. To support its industry-leading animal nutrition technology, the business operates a 344-hectare (850-acre), FDA inspected, multi-species research farm in Burford, Ontario; the largest corporate owned research development farm in Canada.

Landmark Feeds is committed to bringing customers a highly skilled field sales and service team. Our products are supported by a team of well qualified nutritionists and nutrition advisors with a variety of knowledge and experience who are able to work with our customers and enable them to achieve their desired goals. The ongoing investment in our sales and service team ensures that we meet our customers’ needs and provide sound solutions.

Have our specialized team work for you. Contact us to make a difference to your operation.