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At Landmark Feeds we understand that producing high quality dairy milk profitably is a complex business. Our teams of dairy advisors, researchers and nutritionists have the resources and knowledge to make a difference to your dairy operation. Landmark Feeds Dairy Nutrition Advisors (DNA) are valued and dependable partners, who work in collaboration with our customers to maximize profitability, maintain herd health and reduce environmental impact.

As a recognized leader in the area of nutritional science and animal feed innovation, we believe it is our mission to utilize leading edge research from our global experience and bring these innovations and technologies to market as quickly as possible to help your dairy operation:

  • NEWTON is the first ration balancing software to utilize Dynamic Energy in formulating rations. This advancement has been proven to save producers $0.14 - $0.40 per cow, per day while maintaining performance and health and reducing the need to overfeed.

  • Our research of rumen modifiers has led to several products that are capable of helping the cow to become more efficient and gain more from her feeds. This reduces the need for higher starch diets, which allows us to feed safer higher forage based diets, while reducing costs.

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  • What a Dairy Nutrition Advisor (DNA) can do for your operation
  • NEWTON the first ration balancing software to utilize Dynamic Energy in formulating rations
  • How we conduct our research
  • Specific issues that impact your operation – view our resource centre

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