First established in 1954, Landmark Feeds had its early beginning in the Manitoba poultry industry and has since grown to span Western Canada. The Landmark Feeds Poultry Team provides poultry growers with a comprehensive package of high quality feed, customized service, innovative products and industry support.  

Research Initiatives
Landmark Feeds is committed to providing leading edge feed and technical services to the poultry industry in Western Canada. Research facilities at the University of Manitoba and the 850-acre Shur-Gain facility in Burford, Ontario provide the research foundation for Landmark’s innovative poultry feed products and programs.

Working together to develop products and programs that result in profitable commercial results, the Research Farm is a committed group of highly qualified scientists, nutritionists, technologists and statisticians. The research group develops and validates a broad range of new products, programs and technologies that are implemented across the Shur-Gain and Landmark Feeds organizations to the benefit of our customers. Every program is tested, verified and proven under working farm conditions. Through enhanced nutrition, we dedicate our operation solely to maximizing livestock and poultry producers’ productivity and profitability.

Barn Monitoring Systems & Benchmarking
Landmark Feeds takes great pride in introducing and implementing emerging practices and new technologies in the poultry industry. Assisting poultry growers in implementing barn monitoring processes in their barns is just an example of such practices in the Landmark organization. We believe that in order to be as effective as possible in this industry, it is necessary to act not on bias or belief, but instead on operation specific data. By using barn monitoring reports and data, we work with you to analyze your operation and assist you in identifying your operational objectives and plans. Landmark Feeds will then work to help you reach your goals, based on identified measures for improvement.

Marketplace Innovation
It is essential, in today’s marketplace, to work as closely as possible within a strong team of professionals and organizations dedicated to the poultry industry. At Landmark Feeds we believe that innovative products and programs are critical to enhancing and advancing poultry production in Canada. We work hard to develop and implement these products and programs in the marketplace.

Landmark Feeds is committed to promoting the poultry industry in Canada. We work hard to introduce and implement innovative animal and poultry nutrition solutions to all of our growers. If you would like to speak to a Poultry Specialist about any of our nutritional programs or products, please contact us or your local Landmark Feeds Poultry Specialist

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