Landmark Feeds is Western Canada's leading manufacturer and distributor of swine micros, premixes, base mixes, supplements and complete feeds. Since 1954, Landmark Feeds has worked hard to set the standard for innovative feeds and feeding programs. Landmark Feeds is able to set these standards by working effectively within a team focus of individuals and organizations dedicated to the swine industry.

In today's complex and sophisticated swine industry, producers need access to leading edge technology to make management and nutrition decisions. In this global market, we are committed to help produce the quality of pork that is demanded by our global customers. Our investment in this industry is reflected in various programs and processes that we have introduced and implemented:

  • watson.s® is the latest version of unique software capable of accurately simulating the impact of any change to your production.
  • Compi-Porc is Landmark Feeds’ benchmarking system. It details nursery and grow-finish pig performance from operations across Canada. By using Compi-Porc you can make informed decisions on the future direction of your business.

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