All farms face different challenges, why should one feeding program be the solution for everyone?

That is why the Milkiwean complete piglet feeding programs offer you multiple solutions. Allowing you to choose the program that will help you meet your goals including the one goal every producer can agree on, achieving total piglet performance.


  Best Start

    Maximum Intake  Highest Growth   

  • Higher growth and feed intake in pigs
  • High exit weights and lower mortality
  • Increased nutrient density
  • Highly digestible proteins and a combination of rapidly and slowly digestible starches

  Vital Start

    Healthy Start  Improved Vitality

  • Supports the piglet to fight enteric challenges
  • Encourages normal gut health and development
  • Suitable for antibiotic free production
  • Incorporates specialised ingredients such as immunoglobulins, functional fibre, medium chain fatty acids, acidifiers and probiotics.

  Efficient Start

     Optimum Intake  Efficient Growth

  • Cost effective program for pig rearing
  • Uses an increased level of plant based proteins
  • Takes advantage of functional additives
  • Optimizes nutrient density
  • Results in lower cost rations



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