watson.s® the Swine Performance Investigator


Using watson.s® is like having access TO A TEAM OF EXPERTS WORKING FOR YOU to identify the most profitable SOLUTIONS.

At Landmark Feeds, we are constantly working to help our customers to achieve their goals in the most profitable way. That’s why we developed watson.s®.

watson.s® is a unique, science-based, integrated swine model and management tool designed to support swine producers in a challenging global production context, in which there is a constant need to make accurate, reliable and optimal decisions.

How does it work?
Thanks to a scientific foundation, combined with commercial, technical and economic expertise, and a powerful optimization capability, watson.s® accurately simulates the impact of any change on your production before it is applied on-farm. It simultaneously considers specific management factors, including herd genetics, housing conditions, animal health and well-being, shipping management, grading grids, commodity prices, pork prices, and meat quality. Among all possible scenarios, watson.s® is able to identify THE OPTIMAL SOLUTION, which can then be applied on your farm, to help you achieve your goals.


What benefits will you obtain by adopting watson.s®?

Swine - watson sRepresentation of the entire herd: watson.s® models the growth requirements and response to nutrients of all the pigs in a herd, with highly reliable simulations, thus helping you to improve overall animal and financial performance.


Swine - waton SReduce the risk: the accuracy of watson.s® enables you to make the management decisions needed to improve your profitability without taking any unnecessary risks, thus eliminating the need for a costly trial-and-error process.


Swine - waton SDynamic solution: market changes demand quick adjustments in your production in order to remain profitable, watson.s® had been developed to support you in these situations like changes in commodity prices, pork prices, packers’ grids, health changes or even genetics.


Swine - waton SOptimization: the optimizer built into watson.s® provides a strategic design for feeding programs of growing pigs, to meet the specific needs of any market and production goals while improving revenues. Optimization targets include maximizing growth rates, margin over feed costs (MOFC), net profit per pig and minimizing feed-to-gain ratio, cost per kilogram gain and nutrient excretion.


Swine - waton SLink to ingredients data: your feeding program can be created based on your ingredient database and costs because watson.s® has the potential to link to actual data and reflect customized management, housing, nutritional and financial inputs.


Swine - waton SShipping management: performing simulation responses based on all pigs in a herd, rather than the average individual pig, allows economic optimization strategies to improve revenues per pig or per carcass. watson.s® includes a shipping management module that supports you in the decision-making process at the crucial time of hog marketing. watson.s® helps you identify the best time and weight to ship your hogs, maximizing your return per pig shipped thanks to a shipping management strategy.


Swine - waton SFatty acids profile: with an increasing demand for niche-market pork, including pork with a higher Omega-3 content or export markets, we identified the need to incorporate fatty acid (FA) composition of body fat into watson.s®. watson.s® has the potential to predict the fatty acids profile of the carcass, enabling you to meet client expectations in terms of meat quality for specific market niches.

watson.s® is based on more than 30 years of research published in over 30 scientific papers. The latest science has been validated in the last two years with more than 10 controlled trials including 6,324 pigs. You can be sure of the scientific, commercial, technical and economic foundations of watson.s®

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