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If you are a current Nutreco Canada employee and you know a talented individual who would be a great addition to our team, we encourage you to refer them to us! Please click the link below and send us their resume!

Employee Referral Form


For each qualified candidate referred to a specific vacancy, the referring employee will complete an Employee Referral Form and submit it to Human Resources, with an attached resume. Employees making a referral also are responsible for informing the candidate of the vacancy and for obtaining the individual’s consent to having their name and resume submitted.

Referrals made AFTER the company has received a resume directly from the applicant will generally not be eligible for a bonus.

An employee referral of a candidate does not ensure that the candidate will be interviewed or hired. Decisions to pursue a candidate further will be based on the candidate’s qualifications. Once a final decision about the candidate is made and is communicated to the applicant, the referring employee is informed of the final disposition. All information pertaining to the applicant will be held in confidence and will not be discussed with the referring employee.


 Nature of Hire

 Referral Fee Amount

 Hourly permanent


 Salaried Contract / Part-time

  • Employment of one year minimum
  • Part-time = 30 hrs. or more per week  







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