Improving Sustainability Through Research and Development

At Nutreco Canada, we believe in the value of Research and Development (R&D) as a source of innovative products, concepts and advances in technology, as well as providing advice and technical support to our customers. Our R&D team makes an important contribution to improving the sustainability of Nutreco Canada and our customers.  

In Canada, our Trouw Nutrition Agresearch team is based in Ontario, at the University of Guelph Research Park, along with the Microbiology and biochemistry research laboratories. 

Our major research location is a 344-hectare (850-acre) Trouw Nutrition Agresearch farm in Burford, Ontario. This location has R&D facilities for dairy, swine and poultry. It is Canada’s largest privately owned animal R&D facility and one of the largest in North America. The facility is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Studies conducted at this site have been accepted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Health Canada and the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).  

Following proof of principle studies at our Trouw Nutrition Agresearch farm, final validation studies in dairy, poultry and swine are conducted at research facilities in Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba before technologies are commercialized.


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