Where Scientific Research Delivers Quality Results

At Nutreco Canada, we know the livestock and poultry businesses from start to finish, from birth to market. As leaders in the development, processing and marketing of animals feeds and feed additives, our name is synonymous with quality.

Our Research Team
Our researchers plan and implement research projects supported by excellent facilities and access to the latest technology. On average, the team has 10 years of experience in dairy, swine and poultry research. Additional support is supplied by three species-specific veterinary experts. All studies are executed to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) or Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards according to client requirement. Attention to the details of specific protocols, statistical methodology and extensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) results in excellent data collections.

Studies are conducted according to: 
1) Detailed standard operating procedures,
2) The Provincial Animals for Research Act, which guides all forms of animal care and
3) Agricultural and Agri-Food Canada Codes of Practice for animal handling and rearing.