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Our 'At a Glance' magazines for Dairy, Swine and Poultry producers and members of the agricultural sector provide coverage of current industry news along with updates on new products, programs, and services offered by Shur-Gain. Readers will also find direct access to the basic and applied research conducted by Nutreco Canada, recent testimonials and performance results, as well as valuable information on current promotional activities in our industry.

DAIRY - Current Edition

Grasp your window of opportunity to improve herd performance
LIFESTART - Healthy growth | Higher milk yield | Higher lifetime production | Strong durable cowsShur-Gain At A Glance Dairy - Winter 2016

  • LifeStart Sets Life Performance: The Science Behind the Program
  • Farm Report: Colostrum: Boosting Lifetime Performance
  • Farm Report: Keeping Calves Cozy
  • Farm Report: A feeding program that pays back

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    SWINE - Current Edition Swine At a Glance Winter 2014

    Winter 2014: 69 days that matter! Targeted start, impactful finish.

    • Significant improvements to the Impact 4e® program
    • Cheap means profitable? Not always!
    • Strategic use of synthetic amino acids: Saving money without sacrificing performance!
    • Shur-Gain’s new AGRESEARCH NURSERY!

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    POULTRY - Current Edition Summer 2016 Poultry-AAG Shur-Gain

    Summer 2016: Adapting in Order to Better Seize Opportunities in a Changing Market. Special Issue - Consumer Egg

    • Antibiotics: Always a Relevant Topic
    • Costly Emerging Issues for the Industry 
    • Heat Exchanger: An Innovative Way to Cut Operating Costs
    • What are some Important Points to Consider when Buying a Heat Exchanger?
    • Quality Assurance: From Farm to Plate
    • Special Issue - Consumer Egg
      • Future Outlook and Housing for Laying Hens
      • Commitment to Buying Free-Run Eggs
      • Ecolay-Tandem® Program Continues to Make Inroads
      • What is the Best Type of "Layer Housing System" to Adopt?
      • Ecolay-Tandem® it works...for your Benefit!

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    Please view our past 'At A Glance' editions:


    Species: All
    Fall 2008 Dairy - AAG Shur-Gain Ontario

    Maximize Your Feed Value - Rising Feed Costs... How to Maximize Feed Value! Challenging Your Assumptions on What Cows Really Need. Are Your Rations Balanced to Your Nutrient Requirements? On-Farm Shrink: A Hidden Profit Opportunity. One Group Dry Cow Strategy.

    Fall 2009 Dairy - AAG Shur-Gain USA

    Focus on Cow Longevity. Impact of Lameness on Longevity. Rumen Modifiers and NEWTON. Transition Management: Impact on Cow Longevity.

    Winter 2007 Dairy - AAG Shur-Gain Ontario

    Passionate People; Passionate About Feed. Are you Adequately Preparing your Cows for Calving?

    Fall 2013 Dairy - AAG Shur-Gain Atlantic

    Robotics at the Farm: How to MAXIMIZE results. The Impacts of Milking Robots. Cow Traffic Systems in Robot Milking. Automatic calf feeders. Scotch Lake Dairy. VIVALTO - Testimonials: Ferme Wallu. VIVALTO - Testimonials: Brackley Farm. Why do dairy farmers trust Shur-Gain to supply feed for their robotic milking stations?

    Winter 2012 Poultry - AAG Shur-Gain Ontario

    Special Launch! Shur-Gain's new start program. Poultry progress and more to come. Research and development: A productive year for Shur-Gain! Maximize your flock performance! Coccidiosis: the hidden danger.

    Spring 2011 Dairy - AAG Shur-Gain Ontario

    Heifer Program Optivia – Optimized Growth, Ultimate Performance. OPTIVIA’S Milk replacers: for an Optimized Future Performance. Intensified Milk Replacer: a Profitable Choice! Calf Starter: the Other Important Feedstuff for Proper Calf Growth and Development! Rising Commodity Prices. Shur-Gain is Ready to Take On the Challenge With You.

    Spring 2008 Poultry - AAG Shur-Gain Ontario

    Shur-Gain and Nutreco - A partnership that offers you MORE! Nutreco Canada Research Overview. Water Quality For Poultry. CombiAcid... For Better Results. Large Particle Calcium and Egg Shell Quality. Layer Feeding Program. Why is feed efficiency important?

    Spring 2016 Dairy - AAG Shur-Gain Quebec

    Cow Comfort Economics, Using Income Over Feed Cost to Evaluate Nutrition’s Contribution to Profitability, Understanding Replacement or Turnover Costs, Testimonials, Our clients shine

    Spring 2011 Dairy - AAG Shur-Gain Québec

    OPTIVIA Milk Replacers: for an Optimized Future Performance. Intensified Growth Program: a Profitable Choice! Calf Starter: the Other Important Feedstuff for Proper Calf Growth and Development!

    Winter 2014-15 Dairy - AAG Shur-Gain Ontario

    High Producing Cows. The Modern Marvel of the High-Producing Cow. Balancing for the High-Producing Cow. The High Performance Athlete. Feeding the Fresh Cow. Ijsseldijk Dairy. Sunnybrooke Farms. VIVALTO®.