Performance Horse

EQUILINE Armour Performance Ration promotes a healthy balance in the digestive system. Its unique formulation and highly digestible fibre improves feed digestion and promotes a stable hindgut environment. It is designed for horses in light to heavy work.


EQUILINE Pelleted Fat ‘N’ Fibre Horse Ration is specially formulated to be fed to all classes of mature horses with a dietary requirement for increased level of fat and fibre.

EQUILINE Extruded High Performance Ration is designed specifically to help ensure peak performance of horses in training and competition.

EQUILINE XPLOSION Performance Ration is specifically designed to provide controlled energy to your performance horses when they need it.

EQUILINE Fibre Nugget Horse Ration is a complete feed, incorporated with a high roughage level, while maintaining complete balanced nutrients. This feed can be fed along with hay or substituted for hay, on the same weight basis.