Shur-Gain Heritage

Shur-Gain Heritage brand products have been the foundation of our pet line, providing value-based nutrition for generations of pets. All diets are complete and balanced, using quality ingredients and manufacturing technology to ensure your pet receives safe, healthy products.

TIP TOP – Including formulations for dogs and cats, the Shur-Gain TIP TOP brand provides sound nutrition with superior value. Formulated with no ruminant meat-and-bone meal, these products are ideally suited for use on farm. 100% complete and balanced, they require no additional supplements. No artificial colours or flavours.  

– Shur-Gain BITE SIZE Adult Dog food is a nutritionally complete diet suitable for all life stages. The delicious meaty flavour is 100% guaranteed, and suitable for all breeds of dogs. 

– Prestige 3 Flavour Cat formula provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition with three delicious flavours that cats love – poultry, fish and liver. Includes all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids your cat needs for health and vitality! Available in 16 kg bag. 

– Devoted to Giving Your Pet a LIFETIME of Healthy Nutrition! LIFETIME is affordable nutrition, with great value – no compromises. These formulas provide all life stages nutrition - suitable to providing your pet with all their nutritional requirements throughout their life. Some formulas contain no corn, no wheat, no soy and no byproducts, visit for more information. Also available - LIFETIME Maintenance formula, a more traditional diet that provides balanced nutrition with great value.