At Shur-Gain we have a strong history and reputation in small ruminant nutrition and feeds. Our teams of advisors, dealers, researchers and nutritionists have the resources and knowledge to make a difference to your sheep operation. Shur-Gain Nutrition Advisors and dealers are valued and dependable partners, who work in collaboration with our customers to maximize profitability, maintain herd health and reduce environmental impact.

As a recognized leader in the area of nutritional science and animal feed innovation, we believe it is our mission to utilize leading edge research from our global experience and bring these innovations and technologies to market as quickly as possible to help your sheep operation.

We led the way with products designed and formulated with optimum levels of bypass protein and energy to promote protein deposition in growing lambs. All Shur-Gain Sheep Feeds are supplemented with an optimum balance of minerals, trace minerals and vitamins to promote growth, enhance immune function and contribute to overall health. Our Sheep Feeds do not contain any animal protein byproducts or added copper. Shur-Gain’s products offer great versatility and can be adapted to fit your on-farm feeding situation.

Have our specialized team work for you. Contact a Shur-Gain Nutrition Advisor or Shur-Gain Dealer to make a difference to your sheep farm.

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