Innovation is in our DNA

Innovation is one of Shur-Gain's and Nutreco Canada’s core values. It's founded on Trouw Nutrition global R&D network. Over 100 experts conduct research in nutrition and its application in animal production for poultry, ruminant and swine. To do this research, Trouw Nutrition R&D has five major research centres in Canada, Spain and the Netherlands. Its in-house research is complemented with over 50 long-term research collaborations with scientific institutes across the globe. Trouw Nutrition R&D activities are closely aligned to the needs of the market. Application and Solution Centres in Europe and North America coordinate the interface between R&D and the operating companies of Trouw Nutrition  to ensure an excellent fit between local needs and global nutritional solutions.

What sets Trouw Nutrition Agresearch apart is our expertise in the development of simulation models for animal nutrition.

Ruminant Ration Calculations 
The goal of ration optimization is to match the feed offered to ruminants with their specific nutrient requirements in order to optimize production, health and efficiency of production. Our mathematical models do just that. They are developed by the Trouw Nutrition R&D Centres in Canada and the Netherlands to calculate optimal ration composition and are frequently updated with the latest scientific information and new parameters. These models have many functions; among them is the use of feedstuff analyses to meet the energy and amino acid requirements of the cow. The models evaluate forage quality and recommend levels of grains and by-products which will balance the nutrition provided by the forage. In addition, the models are able to assess the nutritional benefits of rumen active feed additives on the diet. 

NEWTON is the first program to calculate the energy contribution when rumen modifiers or additives are incorporated into the diets. This reduces overfeeding and optimizes diet cost. NEWTON better predicts the “true” needs of the cow and optimizes on-farm forage usage, resulting in more accurate grain and forage feeding levels and better performance of your herd.

Swine Nutrition Modeling
In swine production, it is important for producers to better understand the factors limiting their production system. Trouw Nutrition Agresearch has developed watson.s®. watson.s® is a unique, science-based, integrated swine model and management tool designed to support swine producers in a challenging global production context, in which there is a constant need to make accurate, reliable and optimal decisions.

NEWTON and watson.s® are registered trademarks of Nutreco Canada Inc.