Sharing Ideas and Knowledge with Global Partners

Shur-Gain is a brand of Nutreco Canada. Nutreco Canada is part of Trouw Nutrition’s Research and Development (R&D) team. Trouw Nutrition has three research centres located in the Netherlands: the Ingredient Research Centre, the Ruminant Research Centre and the Swine Research Centre. The Poultry Research Centre is located in Spain, and Agresearch in Canada is one of the largest animal R&D facilities in North America focusing on dairy, swine and poultry.

The Trouw Nutrition research centres encompass a broad range of scientific disciplines, including nutritionists, veterinarians, animal physiologists, molecular biologists, microbiologists, immunologists, biochemist and technical engineers. Product registration and IP management are also covered. In-house research by over 100 experts is complemented by more than 50 long-term research collaborations with leading universities, research institutes and other organizations. Trouw Nutrition R&D has also established an exclusive research partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture Feed Industry Centre (MAFIC) of China. To further validate and test research results in practice, it has field research farms in many key markets, including China, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.